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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Free Tunnel Guru Vouchers

Wow!! its been a fantastic year for me, dont know about you. So we have decided to give away 50 free Tunnel Guru vouchers. If you know you can play fastest finger, then turn up on the 4th of January 2014 by 4am (GMT + 0:00) at Tunnel Guru Facebook page and grab one of the Free vouchers.

Happy New year to everyone.


Anonymous 7:54AM TG is always working as a VPN, but I think ur question is if its browsing free as usual right? If that's ur question then the answer is no for now.

happy new year guys.thanks to mr. Chris for everything in the past year. I hope TG PLUS FREE COMES BACK EARLIER


Thnks Adewale. This new year will bring new goodies.

Dats 5am nigerian time na@chris

Anonymous 6:30 yes that's right

Don't forget to turn up 2mrw for some free vouchers

where do we check d free vouchers pls

still waiting for it, or is it not yet 4.00 gmt?

I was able to get mine ::: thanks to u CHRIS

Sharedis wow!! thats great...weldone, check again few have not been applied.

who else got some free vc??

i gat abt 8,thanks,hoping dat free browsing on tg comes back soon.THANKS!THANKS!!THANKS!!!

paul i trust you. but wait oo, u been 1 finish am?? lol..

yes 1 yr own i won gather b4 self

thank you once more,may free browsing come soon

ur welcome Paul..wrking on that

pls paul can you help me with an account? i was unable to get any.

someone should pls help me with an account, kept vigil because of this. pls let my effort getting this not be in vain pls. you can contact me on 07081985513

Josch what happnd?? Because I knw u were online on time. The vc have already been used.

Choi! I mistook the time for 4pm.
Chris, Abeg, Round two

Davoo but y? The Time clearly said "am" and someone else also posted 5am here.

Chris, abeg this one na 'a slip of the brain'.
we have repented.

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