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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Airtel To Stop BIS on Non Blackberry Devices

Hello readers, its with a heavy heart that i announce this to all those using Airtel BIS on PC, Android devices, Ipads etc, News reaching me states that Airtel has decided to discontinue their BIS services on all Non Blackberry Devices with effect from Dec 3rd 2013.

What this Simply means in plain Language is that, if you fall under the category of those who use to subscribe to Airtel BIS and put the sim in a Modem to make use of on your PC, that wont be possible again.

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Hmm, not a good move this time.

Arclite, yea wrong move...i pitty them sef! because this was what even gave them customers.

Nigerian networks are turning into another thing :... How do we use our android phones with there high internet subscription ? they are all freaks ..................

sharedis, thats what you get in a country where NCC is not even doing their job..not to worry, we will continue to try our best to see that atleast people will be able to browse and download unlimitedly once in a while.

Nobody ask u about dat.make tg to work and pause enable na it we d post rubish wey people don already know

Anonymous u are posting rubbish just bcos TG is not working at the moment. too bad show the guys some respect and i think its better for u to create ur own site and possibly build a software that will guarantee free browsing. very bad and unacceptable here, think about it.

Anonymous go and have a rethink just bcos its not working now doesn't mean it will not work again why attacking Chris that way too bad from u anyway, better build ur own tunneling software that cant be block by ISP . try and appreciate the young guy instead of typing and posting rubbish ingrate always like that.

Who is this anonymous guy with such a loosed tongue, the Chris guy is not an Airtel worker but he is offering to help somehow to see if Niggas can browse Unlimitedly once in a while and u just woke up from nowhere and uncontrollably typed nonsense with those ur fingers. Better tap-out.

U ar right udale...don't mind dem. Why can't he go nd subscribe d normal tarrif...-ingrate..kudus to Chris

This is a deathly blow. I don't understand why Airtel would do such a thing despite the fact that PC/Android users are not using the APN.

MTN to the rescue at a higher cost tho. 325MB for ₦1300 then activate MTN Happy Hour Data Plus by dialing *131*5# costs ₦200. If you activate MTN Happy Hour Data Plus they will give you 100% of your current data bundle (monthly plans only except night plan of 4.5GB) which you can only use at night for the 2 weeks.
I guess this would cover your day internet.

As for your night internet, buy another MTN SIM card then activate the night plan by dialling *102# at ₦2500. Alloted data is 4.5GB which is ideal for those that do a bit of downloading. It used to be 3GB but MTN added extra 1.5GB which you use at anytime (day or night). Once you use up the 1.5GB bonus you will only be able to browse at night (9PM - 6AM). This package can also be used on your phone, and the good news is it supports data roll-over only if you have auto renewal enabled.
I know these plans are expensive but if Airtel goes on with their plan we'll have no other network to fall back to except MTN, unless of course Chris comes to the rescue.

In the meantime I'll go use up my remaining Airtel Gigabytes before they wipe my slate clean.

hmmmmm boys are not smiling no wahala sha God pass them. I prophesied before the end of this week free browsing shall be let loose by Gods grace and the direction were holes of browsing free are open on ISP God lead us towards it(Amen) if u believe say Amen and Amen

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