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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Etisalat Bis working on PC & Android Devices

Many Internet users have been worried looking for a cheap means of internet just to get back online after MTN blocked their TCP Free browsing . Well Airtel Bis is still working on PC, Android, Ipads etc. Today i want to update my beloved readers on a better Alternative to the Airtel Bis. Etisalat Bis is now working on both PC and Android devices, without wasting much time let me tell you how.

How To Step Up Etisalat Bis to work on PC & Android

==>Subscribe to Etisalat monthly plan by dialing *499*3# The cost for Monthly is 1000naira or weekly plan by dialing *499*3*1# cost is 500naira
==>After the successful Activation of your monthly or weekly plan has been confirmed, Then now subscribe to Blackberry 10 daily plan by dialing  *599*3*2# -cost 100naira.
==>After all of this have been done, take your sim and insert into your Modem or Android device and set your APN: 
To check your remaining Data balance dial *228#
Surf with this for the mean time. until unlimited browsing is back.


from every indication u must do the subscription steps with a bb first

Oramunwa, its not a must, it can be done on any device. nice question.

How many MB is the data allowance

Anonymous 3Gb for the monthly plan.

In d apn setting, u meant and not blackberryx right?

Isaac no I meant "" take note of the X

is dis been workng b4 or it has jst been dscovered now, must i use it wit tg?

Dave its been wrking over a wk now. TG not required.

Bros, I activated blackberry 1Month plan and when I try this code for the 100Naria this *559*3*2# here is the information I got: Receive: then I tried using my sin with the setting you have which is and it was working well but after some hrs like 3hrs it stopped could it be that the bundle is finished or what please help me out Thanks.

Wot shud I put in airtel apn 2 browse on my pc with bb subscription

Robert I replied to that on the airtel post. APN:

McDonald can you check your data balance by dialing *228#.

Anonymous..thnks for that, guess I was slping when I

Chris can i subscribe for the daily plan only to test run it?

Chris can i subscribe for the daily plan only to test run it?

Anonymous 9:10pm yes you can subscribe for daily and test, but that will be waste of funds, becus this is working perfectly and fast.

Can i conect it to t.g cause i stil wnt to use d t.g

Of course you can make use of TG with it.

What is the data limit 4 weekly plan....from pricy

I tried it now and is not working

Anonymous 1:40pm, this is still working well.., just make sure u followed as directed or u elaborate on the problem u have.

Must I do the day plan for it to work cos I have month plan running now

Anonymous pls take note of that, bb10 dialy plan must be done.

Is it with tunnel guru or does it work without it ?

The thing they over work oooooooooo.... Reporting from enugu

Anonymous works without TG, but if ur subscription is still on then u can make use of it with TG.

Anonymous 7:12pm..yh enjoy while it last

What if u don't have modem can some use destop manager to brows ? If yes pls help us with the blackberry destop manger and discription on how to use it .
(Pray) May God continue to see u through in all u do (Amen).

Chris Odu , <y brother I still have issue here, After that i have been going through I went and got another Etisalat sim and activated the BB plan and BB10 I used it like 1hr and it stopped working when i check my bundle balance I am still 3076MB while is this given me much whala? I feel like crying here please help this is the third time I am spending 1100 Naria on this. Thanks.

"pls help us with the blackberry destop manger and discription on how to use it .
(Pray) May God continue to see u through in all u do (Amen)."

@Anonymous 7:56 AM : Just change your apn settings on your blackberry desktop manager to the above said : am not making use of blackberry desktop manager but i know there is a way to do that .; Just give your self a little work .. You can only Discover new things when you try things yourself. Look around your blackberry desktop manager .

@McDonald :. First am just trying to help :. Ok.

From your previous comment, you are making use of, but chris wrote, did you receive any message telling you that the 100 naira plan was successful , if not that might be the PRO.

Report back :

I will check back what I have in my APN if its Z or X but that on 100Naria was well activated, Thanks for the love

what is the data for the daily bandwidth for this... cos if its 3gb, then its still okay spending 200 per day for 3gb worth of browsing...

Gboyega, that would have been interesting, but the bad thing is, that of the daily is just 50mb

Anonymous 7:56AM for the settings of Blackberry Desktop Manager. When you launch the software goto Tools=>Mobile Internet settings=> and click on Add then input the Apn mentioned above. To download the blackberry Desktop Manager click this link Blackberry Desktop Manager the size is about 114mb.

hi guys can i apply this tricks in south african, i mean the via bis?

Prosper am not too sure, but there is no harm in trying. You can try it out first using the daily plan, if it wrks out pls do let us knw.
Thank u

now there is a problem, when i first did it yesterday it worked. but this morning it has stopped working and i got a message that my bb daily plan has expired.. and i also try to confirm from two of my friends that did theirs yesterday. it is the same story. so please what should i do ? solution oga chris please help me ooo

Anonymous 11:57am, etisalat bis is still working on pc..etc .You mentioned that ur daily plan is exhausted, which of the daily plan??

Mine works perfectly, both yesterday and right now.. Thanks a lot man.. But I had to spend 1k2 cos I couldn't Deactivate the daily plan so it automatically took 100# so I had to buy another 100#..Oga Chris, how can I Deactivate the daily plan against my next subscription. Thanks once again.

Henry Brown, good to know u re still rocking with it. To deactivate etisalat bis auto renewal dial *229*0#

So after making d etisalat bis 2 work on pc,u can't use it on bb again cos my is not pinging.and I did my dis morning.wen i go home I will check if its still working on pc

Robert you can't use it on bb because you are now making use of data bundle, if you want to use it on bb then you will have to subscribe for etisalat bis daily plan.

i am rocking it too. this will help me manage my airtel bb browser. anyway i have a feeling unlimited browsing will come up soon. thanks chris. the etisalat is working well... using it now.

Bobsi good to hear from u, Been a while.

Thanks that was the mistake and is working well.

Hello bros, if i activate the weekly plan. What is data size for that day?

Anonymous 11:43am the data size for weekly plan is 500MB

Yes I am browsing well, thanks.

yes, its been a while, its good to be ack, thanks for your hard work. we all appreciate the gesture. i know ur working on an unlimited browsing and it will be out soon. i wish u good luck bro. *thumb's up!!!

Am having problem I did it for my iphone and set the access point and it worked well. But I noticed that once I have airtime in the sim.. I zapp it all. And when there is no airtime it still browse.. What do I do?

Anonymous 7:37am the airtime it takes, is it a specific amount or any amount. What I mean is, does it take like 100naira everyday or otherwise?

It takes everything in the sim... But if there is no airtime it still works

Anonymous make sure you are using as apn, but if issue is still there then just leave the sim without airtime, since it still wrks like that.

is it compulsory to subscribe to blackberry 10 daily plan for it to work?

Josh it is compulsory, please don't skip that step, if not it wont work.

I subscribed for 1mnth bis witout the bb 10 daily, n its connected

Josch I want to know if it is browsing cos it should connect and browsing is another thing. If it is browsing. Pls what apn did u use.. Thank u

nice question anonymous. josch confirm if u were able to browse at length, might be etisalat free mb u used.

its working but its chewing my data bundles

this thing is going like magic o, flying like anything

Prosper which other data bundles??

Oluwaseye yea you are right "flying like anything", but combine it with TG then u will know the definition on

Anonymous 11:06PM if you already have a TG account just set ur TG client to Rport:500 lport:0 protocol:udp and that's all.

@chris i`v purchase monthly bis and i also got data bundles it chews all my data after applying the

@chris i`v purchase monthly bis and i also got data bundles it chews all my data after applying the

Mr chris pls is it still working.. After using the 15mb of the bb10. It stop .. Pls what do I do

Its still working perfectly, but seems new users trying to subscribe are having issues.

How far now is still working pls with new subscribers

Is wrking with those who subscribed earlier, it might not wrk with recent subscribers

@ Chris, It's working but i have almost finished the 3GIG,can i go ahead & subscribe again?
Thank you Chris for everything !

Bayo am afraid it might not work for you on ur next subscription for now.
Thank you

is this etisalat cheat still working.......
plz help b4 i loss some money.

Sam, this has stopped working since.

Pls if my mb finishes on my etisalat bis bcos of movies am downloading, can I still ping and browse?

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