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Sunday, December 15, 2013

READ THIS: Having Issues with The Etisalat Bis Subscription

Etisalat currently seems to be a far better alternative to the Airtel Bis, the speed is mind blowing. In respect to the formal post i made on Etisalat , many people have called and sent mails concerning some issues they face, which i have picked out and will discuss on.

Common Errors You Might Face and Solutions
If you dial *499*3# for the etisalat 1month Bis and you don't get any reply, don't worry send them an sms. Text "COM" 399
While trying to subscribe for BB10 day plan and you get an error or dont get any response, just use the sms code text "Dmid" to 399
NOTE: Make sure you subscribe for bb10 daily plan after the 1month Bis subscription.

If you face other difficulties, state it below for a solution.


does it work on android..? and how?

Anonymous yes it works on Android and to know how to make use of it, pls read my previous post on Etisalat working on Android

It seems mine stopped at 2.50GB, afta wich, any page i open redirects to

is the mtn still working or rather has it start working cos tunnel gurus says i should contact our nigeria resellers.

@Iyato Not yet...please ignore alert for now

hi chris! after subscribing for etisalat bis, activating the #1000 and the blackberry10 with #100 i used it to browse for like 30min and is no longer connecting instead it will redirect me to etisalat website telling me that my subscribtion has expired, when i check my data balance it is 3072MB what shouold i do?

Eldon, make sure ur APN is . Bcus from ur statement above that ur data is still 3072MB meaning u did nt browse from it.

@ chris! the APN is correct and i have double checked, it is "". i followed the procedures step by step, from the 1month BIS subscription to the BB10 activation which the 3072MB given to me attests to but after exhausting the 10MB or so bonus given to me i suppose it stopped brownsing. do i need to activate the BB10 AGAIN as i still have 3072MB LEFT HAS MY BALANCE. However, it is worth mentioning that the ETISALAT SIM i am using to browse now did the expiration thing and redirecting me to etisalat website when i try to connect but later recovered after some days, so please, what is your professional opinion to this chris.

Mr edon.. I advice still do the bb10 again..*599*3*2#

@ anonymous 5:02pm, pls did u experience a similar problem and resolved it with resending the code for BB10?

I think I now see where the issue is coming from, no doubt its still working for those who subscribed earlier, but new users re having issues.

True, like i said, my 3gb plan did the same to me when i got 2 2.50gb usage, so i got frustrated, deactivated and did d weekly, and the weekly did the same thing

Yea pricy...dnt waste ur airtime 4 now, until further notice

Hi Chris u didnt answer Eldon question becos my is doing same thing,after using d 15mb they gave me it stopped browsing. Wats d solution 2 dis?

@kennedy oh I thought I had, the etisalat bis is wrking for those who subscribed earlier, but those who subscribed as at ystrday or today won't be able to use. Dnt knw if its a temporal issue from etisalat or it has been stopped. Wil keep u all posted.

Mine stopped working redirecting me to etisalat website...... . what i did to get it working again was to use tunnelguru...... and is working again........ Just in case someone is experiencing the same thing ......... Greetings to all ...... The fastest network remains etisalat....

SHAREDIS pls give me d setting for the tunnelguru for d etisalat

Pls share the tunnel guru settings o.. My 3k mb dey waste.. Oga Chris.. Help o...

SHAREDIS.. Pls Share in the spirit of Christmas

Henry Tunnel Guru won't work with it if its only redirecting you to that buy page. But if u must try then use Rport:500 lport:0 protocol:udp

@henry.....wht is D PRO ?

Is not browsing @ all........ or redirecting u ?,

If not browsing...... check ur MB, if it is still 3075 or something else ..... check if the day plan u did was successful ....also make sure ur apn is set to others empty........

if all the above are well done .......
an still no show .........
try the 10 day plan again ( Dmid to 399 ) .....
Once u start browsing, try and download a file of around 50MB,..... DONE
Remove the sim and connect again ......
should start working well now ...

that of redirecting :: use Tunnel guru .... Chris said something about tunnelguru...... in ma case it was browsing with tunnel try it out first ....using the above settings he gave .........

Please check ur settings.....Ur PRO might b from there ::::::

Waiting 4 ur Reply ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

@HENRY :::::

Is this ur first or second subscription ?

Is airtel bis settings still working?

Yes Airtel Bis still working,

My etisalat is not workn.after doing d 1 sub.den i did d 1 day.den i check my data bal. It show i have 3072mb but i notice dat it d ten mb dat works.cos after using d ten stop browsing and d next day d ten mb auto renew.and stop's workn after d ten mb finish it stop browsing.pls assist in any way u cant

My settings should be correct cos this is my third subscription.. At first, it redirected me but now it's just not connecting.. So I'll try both options you gave me and see which one works out for me.. Thanks a lot and merry Christmas

SHAREDIS sorry to bother u hw do u configure etisalat blackberry in ur moderm ?

@kennedy :::::::
what matters is the APN
Profile name can be anything
Dailup Number *99#
Leaver other emtpy ::::
that is my settings :::
The APN and dailup number ::: Important

Where is all this complain coming from, mine is still working perfectly' i suggest u subscribe the bb to midi plan wit the SMS code dmid to 399

Mr promise.. When did u do ur plan?

Hello Chris, how many mb will I get if I subscribe to airtel weekly biS plan?

hi chris, pls what do i do if my etisalat mb is exhausted? how do i subscribe? or do i have to wait till it expires?

Pls wot can I do 2 mak d etisalat 2 b working on android.cos I did for my 2 frnd dat use android fone and dey r complaining@chris

If I recharger and it auto renew d bb10 will it start 2 work and use d 3gig,either on pc or android

Josch if ur mb finishes pls do not subscribe again 4 the mean time.

Robert you should not have subscribed for ur friends, when I had already said no one shuld subscribe 2 the etisalat for now.

but is there no way i could deactivate it and subscribe again?

Josch except you just want to waste your airtime, bcus i hv advised you not to.

@Josch :::
Go for Airtel if U really need something to keep u online .::.. Instead of u wasting your Money :::: as said by Chris ::

Merry Christmas to everybody !
@ Chris, Is Glo BIS working on PC?



Anonymous 11:09AM, wishing u same. Glo bis works but u hv to connect it with a bb desktop manager. Not using it directly in modem.

@chris regarding d subscription I did 4 my frnds.pls I want 2 knw if I subscription 4 bb 1day plan on dose already subscribed sim will it dan work with bb 4 1month(will it start using d 3gig)

Robert yes it should start working on a bb for them.
Merry xmas too

@ Chris, sorry to bother you again,does it mean i have to use it with blackberry phone?(bb desktop manager) that's to have Glo Bis work on PC. Please throw a little bit light cos i don't have Blackberry phone or smartphone.

Yes Bayo, you are right, u wil need a blackberry fone to make use of it.

Anonymous 8:27PM yes still working for those that subscribed earlier. But won't work if u subscribe now.

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