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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Airtel Bis Browsing on all Devices

Hello netinfong readers, i know you all are furious on whats happening with Cheap/free browsing. Well at the moment so many networks are not smiling, but its just a matter of time, they will relax. I decided to post this to enable some users come back online, since they have been mailing frequently about Tunnel Guru.
This post is about Airtel Bis (Blackberry Internet subscription). 

Airtel Bis is browsing on all Devices be it PC, Android, IPADs etc, all you have to do is just subscribe for Airtel Bis and set your device APN to To subscribe for Airtel Bis check the screenshot below for the codes and data cap.

After a successful subscription load an additional #100 and dial *141*11*1# this will open your plan across all device platform, you will be able to use it to browse on any device at no extra cost.

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You don't need to load #100 before you start browsing, i am using 6GB and when i subscribed i didn't load extra #100 before it started working... Jon

@Jon, some people who subscribe for that of 2gb sometimes are required to subscribe with 100naira to be able to use. Thnks

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