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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Old Etisalat Free Browsing on PC

Dear netinfong  followers, I know its not been easy for all of you using Tunnel Guru but am happy to inform you that  TUNNEL GURU is back again and this time browsing  free with etisalat Nigeria on pc with 0.0kobo on sim card and no Bis required, only Tunnel Guru subscription. Without wasting much time i will give you the simple steps and screenshots on how it works.

 Download  TunnelGuru v2.4.0.0 :     For win 32 bit  |     For win 64 bit
NOTE:  You need  java Runtime installed on your pc to be able to run this software, you can download java Runtime from HERE

                                                                         Step 2.
                                                       MODEM SETTINGS
APN: "etisalat"   
USERNAME: leave it empty
PASSWORD: leave it empty 
                                                                          Step 3.
                                                             TUNNEL GURU -SETTINGS

web host =  or  ( any  TG HTTP servers below)   web port = 80#80
proxy URL:

Proxy host:
port = 80#80

Select Internet 6-M

Set PORT - 6054   / 6055 For all protocol in Mozilla

Use 6054 or 6055  with Application Like GTLAK individually or In Proxifier.
Proxifier is not good for Download...

[ How to use proxifier : Click here ]  To Download proxifier - CLICK HERE

TO SET UP VPN - Click here


                                              Server List
         UK                        USA         or       or      
                             (Torrent Servers)                            
CANADA                                   GERMANY            or                       or                 

Click on Start proxy  > Patch Applied (Click Ok) ,


                                                NEW   TUNNEL GURU USERS      
If you are  new to Tunnel Guru please Click here and register for  a free account. But before you can use your free account you need a "Tunnel Guru Voucher" Dont be scared, its just 600naira.  Click here  to get Unlimited Tunnel Guru voucher.

                                                               As simple as ABC
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For this new version of tunnelguru, do we need 2 update our tg no again???

@Osakue, thanks for the kind words.

@Tito, no you dont have to update you TG number again.

Ok. Will give it a shot as soon as I can get my hands on an etisalat sim. Thanks for d update.

Nice @chris TG is right on

@John, I tell uuuu its on point.

@chris pls how do I update my TG on PC? I have version 2.3

Working,bt my problem is dat eti network is damn bad in my area,no 3G,just GPRS,am damn missing d glo,pls,do wrk on glo or mtn,u can imagine d snail speed of d eti here,to load one page na war,can't use it to enjoy browsing,pls do sometin abt d glo,n kudos
4 ur wr

Okay I was able to update the TG to v2.4. But trying to connect my etisalat modem is the problem now.. I have 0 naira on the sim. It shows limited connectivity and fluctuates between HSDPA and WCDMA. I need to flex this new TG pls help!

Tnx @Chris. Etisalat is extreamly fast in my hood. I'm enjoying my EtiMumu

@Bimbo, check ur settings well. Am browsing on mine wit 0kobo. Use d setting in d picture above

the https part connects but the vpn part does not it says bad network/simultaneous log in. How can i resolve this

@debbyzeus, real Etimumu...lolzz

this is superfluous. i am so on my toes now... ill get a dozen of etisalat sim

@chris nice work up and running wit it.kudos

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Nkenna, well its a good thing u tried and I must say, so many things don't usually work 4 u, I dnt knw y, well its part of life, maybe u just forget of cheap browsing and start paying to your isp for internet services.

Chris thanks for your hard work, am now flexing wit etisalat on TG.

Chris i dont know how else to thank u 4 this...this is Awesome...Thanks Thanks Thanks

@Marcusy, happy to know its working 4 u. Enjoy

Whenever I click on " start proxy" the message I get is "starting connection......." next it will show an error message like this "Error1: No SSL Connection using given port. Only TG Port - 6053 will not work. You can try again" then I clicked Ok, the next msg says "Error: No HTTP CONNECTION USING GIVEN PORT - ONLY TG PORT 6051, 6052, 6054, 6055, 6056 WILL NOT WORK. YOU CAN TRY AGAIN" Again I clicked ok. Then the last and final error msg says " Address already in use: JVM_Bind"
Please I dont understand all these error messages....I have tried connecting more than 10 times! Just these same error messages! Someone help please. Chris ooooh!

i get successful message but my mozilla doesnt load any page,shuld i update my TG number?

guyz this tweak is the asiest. no need to update any TG. just follow the instructions and get to dancing, proxifier must be used but not dat fast when in use with proxifier but it will do the trick. more tips coming up. kudos chrissss..... my thumb is up for u.

@Bobsi, thnks. Where hv u been?

NOTICE: After series of complains i get, i decided to do some more research and i found out that some sims might just be having issues and maybe just maybe some of u re unlucky with those sim cards, so i suggest if it does not work for you, simply try out another etisalat sim card and it should work fine for you.This notice is also for those of you having vpn related issues too. If you notice some of you might be seeing a yellow Angle indicating no network access, but some might not see that. so in order for things to flow well just do as i have said thnks.

@chris. enjoying it so far. having some issues. https sites like google and facebook aren't opening on mine with d https tunnel. using port 6054.

is like etisalat is block it again

Yeah. Stopped working this evening.

Pls Chris, my present subscription ought to expire on 13/10/2013, but I renewed it yesterday 10/10/2013. After which I try to connect my TG client, HTTP connects successful while the VPN stopped connecting. Bcos of the VPN issue I now went and updated my TG No. thinking it will be the solution but to no avail rather both the HTTP and VPN stopped connecting after I updated my TG No.

Pls what do I do now or has Etisalat blocked it?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

hello sir, please uprade lovinluv tg account, payment made and details has been sms and emailed to you... thanks...

@Oluromeo, your account was delayed because Etisalat was blocked, but since you insisted I have upgraded ur account.

As usual etisalat cheats don't last, Etisalat have blocked this too, but stay tuned as other networks coming soon.

Mine not working too and I uploaded the error pix on your facebook page. Hope you will check ir.

@chris will be waiting patiently.

i wrote about not having eti3g in my area of ijebu-ode and it was removed by admin i think, alright now that no network is open and our tg account is running will there be any sorry package from tg in case the account runs out before any network surface? meanwhile we should aware that agents of those networks also see and browsing to any plugins like this and immediately they see the loopholes , they quickly block it, i suggest to switch to airtel 2g plus bundle with just 1500#, that is what am using though i will not download, if i calculate mtn daily bbc for 15 days its same thing with this and it works fine on pc any phones or androids, i hope admin will not remove this too

@Mr Ben, am aware of your error but etisalat has blocked it. pls hold on while we work on other networks.

@Tito, thanks for your understanding and patience.

@Oluwaseye, sorry if you lost any of your comments here, we do not remove comments randomly except it's a spam comment.Secondly TG is s VPN software not a Free browsing software, the fact that u use it to bypass loopholes in ur ISP does not mean, when your ISP blocks the loophole you cant still make use of TG, you can. So i dont see where the sorry package is needed when u can stiil use TG as the VPN service that it is.
Thanks for coming around

i wish there is another medium we can use to communicate but for now there isnt becos we need to share information and now we face the risk of the information being used against us....

@ chris, are you saying if i buy mb or gb, and use it with vpn , do you mean i will be be using vpn bytes and not my isp bytes? xxxxplaiiiiiin

@Bobsi, u have said it all, u re soo correct, I always need to share with all of you my lovely Fans and this information is always used against us.

@Oluwaseye, No that's not what I mean. What am trying to make u understand is that, TG is used to hide ur original NG ip, so u can access blocked sites.

Tunnel Guru, should be back tonight am working on that. visit here later again

@chris & @bobsi i agree with u completely mtn glo and etisalat engineers run to this blog to see the latest and then reverse engineer it to block it.......

@Kingsley, yea I told u it will be bck tonight, was working on it.

Enjoy it while it last again.

Pls what is the setting or is it the old one?

Osy, its this same one, pls just Re-download TG. Thnks

have already done 4gb... Working very well

How else do u all want me to help, please re-download v2.4 again thank u.

i have downloded TGV4 again but i keep getting error message Whenever I click on " start proxy" the message I get is "starting connection......." next it will show an error message like this "Error1: No SSL Connection using given port. Only TG Port - 6053 will not work. You can try again"

then I clicked Ok, the next msg says "Error: No HTTP CONNECTION USING GIVEN PORT - ONLY TG PORT 6051, 6052, 6054, 6055, 6056 WILL NOT WORK. YOU CAN TRY AGAIN"

@aceman r u sure u're using the exact apn setting posted cos its working 4 me. been using it since ystrday. also try getting another etisalat sim. one thing I found out u should do when u get a new etisalat sim. to mae sure it browses, b4 using tg with it, subscribe for their 10mb daily plan. it only costs 100 naira.

It has been blocked again, some moments ago

@Afri, etisalat just hibernated and not blocked.

I have an advice, I think u guys should work more on glo than etisalat, seems they have more "working system" that detects any unusual data inflow and outflow very easily. Glo connection can stay at least 3 to more months than etisalat.


I think it has been blocked for real. Please help us with working one please help us with working one.

@chris, i want to suggest you guys at TG should design a mailing list for TG users(paid users & also users who have paid for data before), then you should send emails only to d mailing lists. Maybe they check your blog/facebook page to get technical info and block it, who knows.
I hope this helps

@Shorturl, thnks for stopping by with ur nice idea, but even at that they will still get to find out, as long as all this copy and paste users are around they will always spread.

man it has stopped working etisalat don block am. Hmm

Even some of them (etisalat) are tunnelguru paid users lol. Like I said. Work more on mtn, airtel (if possible) and most importantly Glo because their cheat always last at least 3 months.

@chris worked on etisalat cos etisalat offered free facebook access.....TG just tunnels traffic masked as facebook..

Now that has changed You have to purchase a Facebook bundle & that's why the free browsing stopped as well...My theory is that if you purchase a Facebook bundle it can still work. Now Etisalat Easyblaze has unlimited monthly FB bundle for 200. Theoretically this shld also work on MTN also if one purchases a FB bundle but theirs is not unlimited.

There are other mobile Facebook address like etc.......I haven't tested them cos im currently traveling...just bouncing ideas with u....

@John, wish u a safe trip, gud idea by the way...abeg when u reach try and contact me, I told u we need to chat, no fail abeg.

Admin, it is ur work to test this. Get 200 unlimited facebook bundle, reprogramme ur software, test and come out with something positive .

@Tito, yea u should see some results tonight

@chris i will definitely contact u when i get bk or as soon as i can. To be honest with u, i never really stopped browsing free...u see mtn had at-least 3 ports i was aware of that was open...port 500 (ip sec), port 25001(icl-twobase2) and lastly port 3389 (remote desktop port). they have blocked 2 but the 3rd one is still open....blocking the 3389 port will be very expensive 4 mtn cos it will be an inconvenience for their business/corporate customers. All TG needs to do is add support for 3389 in their servers....I have my own private Openvpn which i installed in a VPS which i use to connect using port 3389....

For Etisalat idea is if your sim in the phone can open facebook without any charges (1 week FB bundle #100 or 1month FB bundle #100)...then TG should be able to tunnel using FB as migrate to easyblase...purchase a 1 wk bundle and start testing with any of the fb mobile sites....good luck on that..........I'm still looking for a week point on glo but im confident i will find something soon....especially with their free services...happy holiday

@John u re sooo on point..will let out mtn settings later after am through with my 10gb torrent file download. we need to chat as fast as possible thnks.

@chris, what is the onevpn download link please. I do not if its openvpn or onevpn. Please I need the download link


@chris the suspense is killing ne

@Afri, Tunnel Guru is working thnks

Already working 4 me using d settings frm elsewhere. Still, good job over here.

@Tito, where else can that be? bcus i sent out very early this mrning.

Saw a vpn setting in glodge. Took it and applied to TG and voila

@Tito, ok thats nice..i hope you assist us and be applying settings often.

Chris, my TG is disconnecting like mad. Please is it happening there??? I did all the settings as required , browsing but the tunnelguru is disconnecting every 1 minute. What is the problem????

@Afri, am not experiencing any
disconnection here. Anyway maybe its ur
system, have u forgotten that wen Glo
https was wrking, not everyones TCP
settings was stable, so maybe u hv same

PLS guys what's going on? is it working? I Mean with Etisalat?

@Dike, sorry etisalat is not on at the moment.
Thank u

chris today is 31/12/2013 are all these things working eg free etisalat and free mtn.where can one get v2.4.0.0 to download mean while the latest is 2.6 tg.pls keep me posted

Chris,today is 31/12/2013.i want to know if all the free etisalat and mtn browsers are working.kindly let me know how to download meanwhile the latest is pls keep me posted

Rowland at the moment none of this settings are working, but i will keep you posted once there is a new update.
Thank you

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