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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Troid VPN Browsing Free for Android Users

Hello Netinfo(niggas), happy weekend to all of you. Hope you all are still flexing unlimited browsing at just 600naira via my last post on MTN Free Browsing?? if you missed that post, you can still Read that HERE. It just came to my Notice that some of my Troid VPN users have problem connecting on their Android. so i will quickly show you how to go about it.

Download  from

Set your Android default APN to 
Rport: 5222   Lport :3118   Select : TCP

NOTE: To enjoy unlimited and high speed download, use your Tunnel Guru Login details on TroidVPN so you can access the premium servers.

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Hi bro, is dis still working? will it MTN bis or with 0kobo? more help bro. want to browse unlimited with 4g network on my android.

@Jahboy, no Bis required, just use your MTN sim with 0.0k.

Hi Chris can i use my tunnel guru details on both tunnel guru pc and troid vpn at the same time. Thanks

@Anonymous, yes sure you can. As long as u are on a premium plan(unlimited).

On my note 2.troid is always re-connecting.dont think it is working

@Kusume, thnks for coming around, what ever is uploaded on this Blog, i dont do copy and paste. The Trick above has also been confirmed by two users and its working. all i can tell you is sometimes it might take some time to connect. Please try again and let me know your outcome.

pls u guy should be about something before posting anything. troidvpn is working on android with zero naira with the configuration chris gave above. the problem is that when u click connect it will start serching for server, and stop wait after some seconds it will show recconecting and final connects and its working fine no big deal

@Emma, thanks for ur comment, am Glad u too have confirmed this is working.

but i cannot download the troid vpn on my andriod motorola mb225

@Anonymous 9;35AM, what error are you getting??

Not connecting.. Is it still working?

Henry its still wrking, just that it takes a while 2 connect

Hi ManKind......... plzz help me out plzzz i need step to step guide on how to root my HTC G2 version 2:3:4, i have dwnload d Troid Vpn but its said i cnt use it until i root my phone. plz help for God sake.

Jahboy, in Troid VPN the following protocols do not need the Android device to be rooted...TCP & UDP.
Its only ICMP protocol that requires rooting.

thanks Bro, i made a mistake i downloaded droid vpn not troid vpn, i will do that and get back to u. buh bro plzz help me on hw i can get my phone rooted. HTC, Tmobile G2 version 2:3:4. thnks n God bless

well done bros! pls abeg were i go input d apn

Kabiru, go to network settings under settings, you should see where to put it.

can i use both tg n troid simultaneously?

@Kabiru, yes you can, but u might find it difficult to connect on the Troid.

Is it a must to get the unlimited plan b4 it works on troid?

Anonymous, that way will ensure u get better speed and maximum performance

UPDATE: Troid is working perfectly again on Android devices. Test and let me knw

Bro chris abeg hw do I get my premium av paid to eco bank acc #600 ya num aren't goin? pls reply

Abakare sorry abt that, could be a netwrk can either mail me or send me a text.

hope mtn is stil working wit troidvpn.....mine is nt authenticating.....weldone Chris

Femmy i hv chcked..its still wrking, let me knw if urs is bck.

Same settings for mtn don't knw if it works 4 etisalat too

Etisalat nt working at the moment pls.

hello Chris,pls is this still working coz whenever I connect it will authenticate but will say not running after some seconds but it won't connect.

Bro it's not stops at waiting for server reply and later writes not 600 is wasting o

Does this only work on mtn or other networks as well please?

Fatima at the moment its not working.thnk u

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