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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MTN Free Browsing with Tunnel Guru VPN

Hello netinfong readers, hope you all are enjoying the little break. Its not been easy these few days that all ISP are blocking their ports, but thanks to my hardwork and also TG team. MTN is now browsing free with 0.0k on sim and no BIS required. This settings was available yesterday but i had to delay and download a 10gb Torrent file first, before once i post, they block again..lolzz

All you have to do is set your Modem APN to and set Tunnel Guru as stated in this screenshot below, use any TCP server of your choice.


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Most of you are asking me if you will change Tunnel Dns query, the answer is will adjust it self automatically.

Already got the settings but thanks anyway.

This is the reply i got-TCP:Connect to failed,will try again in 5 seconds:connection timed out and i hv tried al d tcp servers,yet sm reply

@Anonymous, can you leave it for atleast 15mins and see if it will connect succesfully for u? if after that it doesnt, then try another TCP server.

Hv tried dat n its still nt working

@chris on a side note, when writing eid mubarak as a greeting to muslims, u don't have to append happy to the greeting. eid mubarak is sufficient.

Startd wrking 4 me nw,i set my dns to,those having sm issue shld try set dir dns to,restart dir system n try again,bt facing problem of restarting tg afta lk interval of 5-6 mins,i hp it stabilize...KUDOS @ CHRIS

is it necessary to subscribe b4 using it on tg

its a waste of time,,,too too slow,,selects sim too...d tin na cast

@Anonymous, i dont know what speed u categorize as slow, but this is a setting i used in downloading a file worth over 9gb and torrent for that matter. so if u can state ur issue it will be better.

@anonymous 3:12am, you are very correct. connects faster when Tunnel DNS query is at default MTN ip.

5 to 20kb/s....dats the speed i get.....connecting wit tunnel dns query:

wenever i put dns: d tin automatically switches to the tin dey select sim like german shepherd

@Anonymous, thats poor..try this off your firewall and anti virus. If that does not help then it could just be the network reception in ur area.

@Anonymous...hahaha. ok you know what u will do set ur dns in modem to and lets see if any difference.

@Anonymous also check the receive rate on your modem. to know if its a netwrk issue or not.

it worked for me and it's very fast but it always reconnects after about 5minutes or so. reconnecting is not a problem, but i just hope it stays for long.

@Shorturl, good to have you around...

If yours is not working try checking your settings, follow here:

it worked but disconnect every 2mins. Wat do I do

it conected bt nt browsing on firefox....wht do i do? Byfire.

my modems download speed remains zero rate after connection to tunnel guru... Pls help chris

tunel guru conected bt brakes off every minute n reads 00 kbs

Will new sims work with this.

Started giving me the error message. Want to know if I should get a new sim or if I should look 4 another old sim.

why all the complain this stuff is working very well no need for any further explanation easy and direct if u have issues just try and restart the system

@Adura, make sure your Anti virus and firewall is put off.

@Anonymous 10.23AM, good to hear that enjoy.

sure tin buh nah war to connect

@udale, thnks i really love that ur comment.

Thanks to all these appreciative Followers, not easy for people to appreciate something.

@Da beat, thanks too for coming around.

welcome chris i love ur courage doing goodwork keep the pace moving

chris which torrent downloader are you using.... my utorrent and final torrent downloade are not working.. am using netherland tcp and canadaa

good work Chris for once i got connected without any hitch....blazing

@ chris, na wa o , i just see this morning and i ve been wasting my airtellies mb since, oh boy you do well till empthhesss block it , i go enjoy

how can i connect troidvpn with my account???????????????

gosh chris bless u.....its blazing bt d mtn in my area is bad network.....hw bout etisalat n glo setting? Plsss...u ar blessed

@Oluwaseye, I try my best to always update here with cheap/free browsing. So wat I require from u all is to atleast try and visit here, also like the Facebook page or subscribe to our Email alert, so that u never get to miss any of my post. Thnks

the mtn is working kudos Chris

@Adura, sorry abt the poor network u have in ur Area, as for the other ntwrks, we re doing our best. U knw I will always update u all once am successful..bless u too thnks

Thnks Raymond, looking forward to seeing u around.

thanks chris. It is working and quite fast

I feel very happy when I get replies and emails, that its working for my clients.
Please always follow my instructions and read comments too. I always try my best to simplify settings.

Finally got connected after changing SIM, actually some SIMS don't connect.

Mr Daniels, lucky u and thnks for the info, I guess it will assist newer readers too.

bros chris oh my tunnelguru software nor dey quick lauch again since i downloaded v2,4

Surest @chris!!! more grease to ur elbows. Inbox me ur mobile no, u deserve some airtime!!!!!

please , what will i do to stop this steady connect and disconnect??

it's throwing me off balance. i think it's from my system because i tried different sim and it is still happening

i have off the firewall, window defence, anti virus (avira freee edition)

please what will i do??

chris i just figure out something when u TG is connected those have issues with disconnection should lauch proxifier ithout any setting it was able to solve my disconnection problem i have been downloading for the past 3 hours now no disconnection. i hope it helps

@Obi, thanks i feel honored, you can always find my number here at Contact page

@Afri, you can try out what udale said, his tip can also hep.

pls tell me hw u did it...i also hav disconnection problem

A client just called to say he tooo was able to get connected..thanks to Mr Daniels comment of trying another sim. so u see comments do help.
Thanks again Daniels

@chris..u are the best..i envy ur manner of approach.

@Anonymous 1:29PM, thanks for the compliment, i dont know ur name, would hv addressed u by ur name.

Chris help ooo!!! My DNS is not reflecting in my tunnel guru even when I changed it in my network properties! Don't leave me out chris!

@Anonymous 4:47PM, you cant be left out, can you tell me exactly what is shown in your Tunnnel DNS Query, bcus it cant be blank.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Once you et an opportunity like this, make sure you make use of it very well...Download as much as you can. MTN is toooo stingy

I got that solved, put downloading on and it will not disconnect!!!!

Developing story
Mtn is currently disconeecting "tunnel Dns Query" ( the working if it connect with others which will not browser.

Lemme know if u have disconnected and connect again.


Chris, my TG never connect since o. it kept saying exiting

For those of u having problems connecting again, just change ur sim card, however I wonder why. I lost my connection today, had to change to yet another sim before it connected again just like magic

Daniels have you noticed, the browsing just got even better.

Chris, respond to my complain pls. I did all I can by following the instructns correctly buh my TG wont stop showing exiting forever.

@Anonymous, can u try turning off your Firewall and Anti virus?

well how i got mine to work was use the dns chris provided{} but this time set it in my modem as he said and also in the computer.Then i also changed my sim. then i connect wait for a while and it connects. i hope it is useful to someone.
@chris nice job once again its nkenna.

@Nkenna, am sooo glad u re bck.. I particularly missed ur presence.

thanks chris for free gift of MTN connection, surely u're the man but pls whenever u can work on the etisalat or glo connection 'cos they are more stable than mtn. thanks again and heavens favors.

Thnks Chuks and that has been Noted. Will look towards that.

Chris, its like am bin stabbd rite nw. My tg stil shows exiting after following yur suggestion. It shows "the curent script security settings may allow the configuration bla bla bla . . . . . ." in less than a sec. Am really frustrated cos its spoiling biz for me. pls help me research on it cos I discovered only one other persn av the same issue since av bin looking for a solution. op am nt bugging yu.

@Anonymous, you are not bugging me, but ur issue seems to be strange and so needs more details, kindly mail me atleast 3screenshots and ur computer spec e.g 32bit or 64bit to my mail box.

it works and browses normally without disconnecting, but at any attempt to download, it disconnects within 30secs... after which if i reconnect and continue to download, it keeps disconnecting.. any solutions to this issue pls?

please what can i do . when i connect my tunnel guru it will connect but after i disconnect the tunnel dns query will change to 10.109. bla bla bla .... any solution to that ?

Mehnn, I have been missing oo. I just saw this stuff. I did the instructions and am connected.

God bless you jare! You d man!!

Hi Chris, Thanks for this although i found it very though to connect bcos my Kaspersky Antivirus was on but as soon as i put it off, it began to connect for me. Please Its like its only Netherlands & UK TCP Server that works. Others cannot connect for me and pls how can one make google chrome to browse with this VPN as i cannot find a way of browsing using chrome. Na only Mozilla dey browse for me. Thanks

@anonymous 19 Oct 2:34am.
Your not stabbed had a similar case, all i did is deactivate my anti-virus.

@Davoooooooo, u re welcome bck, if u don't visit atleast twice a day, then u re on a long thing.

@Survey, Atleast the good thing is you finally got connected. Iike i always say, if you want to get connected easily and faster put off your Anti virus and Firewall to avoid issues. All TCP servers have been worked on and are working fine, you can try again. As for google chrome thats the default web browser i use, meaning its working..just check ur settings and make sure its not set to any proxy.

@Anonymous 12:19PM, thats not an issue, your Tunnel Guru DNS Query must not be on to connect.

@opskie, well that might just be a temporal issue you are facing, because the reverse is the case, If you dont want to get disconnected, engage your modem receive rate, what i mean is start a download or stream online and u will be online for as long as ever.

@Anonymous 6:08AM thanks for helping out with the Info.

NEW USERS: If you are new here and have any little issue connecting yours, do well by reading through comments, lots of users here have contributed alot and are still contributing to those who hv issues conecting.
Thanks to all those Commenting on their experiences.

If it shows another ip in the dns query it will not connect at all. so unless i restart my system like 2 to 3 times before it will change back to so what can i do or will i just leave it like that ?

I want to help order who are finding it difficult to connect. i have just made a video, explaining how to handle the issue. Admin, you can delete it if it is a spam. thanks

@chris HELP! HELP! HELP!!!!!!It was working perfectly and all of a sudden it started say "Error" every moment I connect and even when it tries to connect itself. It sayin my password/ username is incorrect and I should check my active data plan(something like that sha)

mhen!!! Chris, ya Da BOMB>>> i have being using mine for more than 3days straight and it feels like heaven on earth. Damn!!! U r really doing a gud work here... Keep it up>>

Hello chris and everyone, Please I have not been able to connect for the past four days, thought it was working before then. I am not a novice and I have been using Tunnelguru for a long time. I want to know if the dns as to show for it to connect. It pains me when I see testimonies but all my attempts to connect has been to no avail.

Da Beat, its my pleasure and am really Glad Nigerians atleast can browse unlimitedly at a cheap rate.

@Afri, thats no spam at all, you did quite well...kudos
Am so Glad we have patriotic people here, who are willing and ready to make others connect as well..Infact kudos again.

e be like say emtee heee has bloch dem yansh, tg is a second disconnecting , weting happen somebody please help ooooo

Oluwaseye, MTN still going, if you have any issue, restart your system and change server.

@Anonymous 5:43AM, well so sorry about the inconvenience, your Tunnel DNS query must not be on before you can connect, though its an advantage if its there.

seems like it really has to be set to, cos it's no more a coincidence that I get connected using this ip. if on start up i get, bro, it never connects, but if I get, it connects asap. try to see if u can figure out a way to pin down this dns guy to always. Kudos.

Haloo ppl i found d bst solution 4 MTN disconnection, the solution is jst try to download anytin as soon as u are connectected movies,music, games bt pls do not download PORN =advise= it makes u blind.lols

after dns 8.8 bla bla bla, tg suddenly wake up from slumber , thanks ooo

Oluwaseye, like i always say, DNS must not show before TG glad you just confirmed...Enjoyyy

Farouk thnks for contributing @porn videos

Arclite, as you can see, Oluwaseye connected his own with his DNS set to, so its not really a prob.

Has actually been difficult trying to connect these days, spent most of my precious time over the last 72hrs just to connect....too bad! My recent connection so far is just merely pure luck, cos I had just given up the struggle.

Same here @Daniel. Chris pls help. Maybe wit another network

Yes and I think the fault is from TG itself. I contacted a friend and he said he is browsing with sandwich.

So admin should do something about it because I haven't seen the normal number that connect.

Also they should update it so that it will be very easy for prople to connect at one attempt.


Chris,It's no longer easy to browse with TG even to establish connection with MTN using the setting here is difficult.Please help us. I pray that Our God will guide you to unravel new setting that will last more that of GLO we enjoyed for more than 3 months. Amen....

At least this should fetch you some money....legitimately:

Good morning to all my wonderful fans, well some news reaching my desk states that MTN is still working, but slightly more difficult to connect than b4. Maybe I just have to Resume my wrk on another ISP, or what do u all think???

Chris, what you need is "exploit" the settings Sandwich vpn are using. Since they are all VPN . Track it out and "clone" the exact settings
I do not have access to softwares use in opening the configurations, else I would have done it myself.

@chris,its nt bin connecting since ova 24 hrs nw,it wld jst b in standby mode even if u leave it 4 hrs,any solutn

I am a programmer but not familiar with these vpn things lol . Maybe I will look into it.

Yeah, I quite agree with u Azeez, Glo connection lasted quite a while and was very effective. I did most of my heavy downloads with it while it lasted. Wish it can resurrect again......@Chris.....hoping on u O!

@Daniels, yea sure everyone looks forward to one which will last. Actually Glo is on sha! But very unstable and I cnt give u all that, bcus I always want the best for u all. Let's pray it gets stable.

Looking forward to that bro. Left TG with MTN cos of the connecting probs.

Chris a great job. Am really rocking mtn even though it dis connect. and it just disconnected. thanks a lot. and you guys are making life much easier.

Adepeju thnks..I will try my best to get something better for u all in the coming weeks.

@chris these glo and etisalat tweaks for opera and ucweb, can't they be incorporated into TG.

Anonymous 2:18PM, Nice question...u can try it out and u wil find out the answer

UPDATE: MTN is still wrking with Tunnel Guru, if it has stopped i will definitely update u all.

Have been trying to connect yet no way. Please tell us how people get connected


Afri no special settings, its still this same settings.

mtn is blazing well...i guess all d disconnection issue is from mrn 100% stable now...enjoys pals , Chris thumbs up for all ur efforts on dis site

for those nt still able to connect,try dis out,change ur modem settings to only edge network and connect d tg,u wld gt successfully connectd,wen u r connectd,u cn nw change ur network bk to 3g.,aqlways do dis 2 gt connectd

@paul that's a nice one...I can't thnk you all enuf for all the contributions to see your fellow Nigerians browse.

Using this style, some modem softwares do not allow u to change network from 3G to edge while connected with the modem. To bypass this, don't connect with the modem software. Connect from network icon on the taskbar. When you've connected, connect the TG VPN. After the vpn connection has been established, go to the modem software and change the network mode to 3G.

when i try connecting i get some thing like this "Network Bad, Stimulation login

true @ anonymous,beta still use reconnect to connect afta u hv changd 2 edge,wen tg connects wit d edge,u go 2 modem n change to 3g

thanks@chris,we cant thank u enough 2 4 ur effort,u deserve al d thanks,we only support,try dat my method pple,dats wat am using nw

@paul I normally use reconnect. I just posted that way for those who don't have the software.

@chris ooooooo am bk!

I can see all are enjoying MTN Blazing. MTN TCP VPN has been stable since jan 2013....I have been using it for a while now. I really don't think MTN will be blocking it anytime soon...I also get mad speed. So enjoy it while you can

All those posting with @Anonymous..Go signup with gmail so we know who you are...You could be MTN agents for all we know. @chris you blocked anonymous posting why did u unblock it?

Chris ooooo how did it go with the testing??? I can see some blogs has already started posting my suggestion...I saw this today on one blog...... Send FB0 to 131 note do not do mistake it is FB0 i.e zero after sending the message you will receive a message like "welcoming you to mtn zero facebook free subscription"......
2. Then follow this procedure to configure your mobile phone and PC below:-
Ip:- 80.....Apn:- Name:- wap....Password:- wap

I don't think using for APN makes sense (its shld be but technically if you are subscribe for unlimited FB..u shld be able to mask internet traffic tru with TG........

John ooooooo, mehnnn am really excited to have u bck here, you have been greatly missed. Had to Allow the comments, many users said they found it hard commenting.

Does this fb0 stuff really work.

@John D pls i nid more explanation abt this FB0 are we tp those settings on modem or on Tunnel Guru

plz help my mtn will connect successfully but my TG is still telling me connection time out. i have done the dns settings( , but yet my TG does not want to connect. i'll appreciate your help. tanks

change ur Rport to 1110 and ur LPORT to 80....every disconnection shud be solved now...dats wot am using now..IS STABLE

@Chris i want to ask u a question.Do the torrent servers on your own end stay long?and if they do what is the speed like and how do u get them to stay that long,coz my tg restarts frequently.

@Femi Tnx 4 d tip man it rilly work no more disconnection. Yahoooooooooooooo

Robert MTN is still working.

Nkenna, can u take a look at that my scrrenshot above?? U will see that I was using Netherlands Torrent server and was online Downloading Torrent for close to 7hours. Hope I have answered your question?

Ok Ladies and Gentle men, seems I came in here late today and for that, those those of you still having issues connecting or disconnecting issues can also use this Rport:5222 Lport:80

@Baba Chris thats 4 u bt me German server better pass my torrent can go up to 178kb/s

when i try to connect TG it telling me "Exiting". plz Chris i need your help. i have not been able to browse with Tunnel guru and my subscription is active

chris pls what type of downloading software are u using, the one am using is very slow.

im just new to this forum,but im really xcited about ur dvelpment,pls keep it up

im just new to this forum,but im really xcited about ur dvelpment,pls keep it up

@Dave, I use IDM for downloads and utorrent for torrent files.

@Dave Chris, its my pleasure thnks for coming around

@anonymous 6:27AM, so sorry about that, pls we re wrking to see that u get a more stable connection on TG thnks

im also using IDM,but it doesnt pop-up when i want to download , pls how do i make use of the IDM

@chris,kudos,wat is it wit dis FB0 dat john d is talking abt,pls do elaborate

My connects and disconnect almost dere any orda setting beside d lprort 80

Dave pls can you chck IDM settings if it is set to Automatically take over Downloads.

@paul, all what John was adding was that MTN browses 0.facebook when u subscribe to their facebook zero, so he was suggesting if that could be made to work with TG free.

@chris,k,bt is ur tg still connecting,mine hasnt connaetd since yesterday evening,hv tried all d procedures,usd 5222,80;1110,80 n d initial one 5222,1110 bt still no succesful connectn, n abt d FB0 is it possible to work wit tg

mtn is having issues now..also experiencing d disconnects every 2 wil be fixed soon

I've given up on this TG on MTN. Will just let the subscription go. Not really worth the stress of connecting over here. Will wait for a more stable tweak. Managing etisalat on symbian tweak for downloads while waiting.

mtn seems to be stable now....stil flexing tunnelguru....try dos Rport 1110 and Lport 25...

When I posted this stuff, it was stable,the issue now is that, all vpns are now are now tunneling through one particular port, I think I wil open another port and post it here or better still email it to only my clients. What do u all think??

@chris,pls do post it here,n wat rport n lport r u using,i hv nt gotten a connectn since yesterday evening,lk i sttd b4 hv tried al d rport n lport postd here,i jst even tried d port 25,yet still no connectn

u can email it to our inbox...i tink dat wil be better @ chris

@paul, so sorry about your issue, am actually using a new port which is as fast as jet, since users are not really using it yet. But i will roll it out later. my problem is that there is too much copying and pasting around.

Femmy thats not a bad idea oo.

UPDATE: New MTN Rport and Lport coming soon..

k,waiting@ chris,post it here unda dis topic,dnt create a new 1 4 it,it wld minimize d copy n paste as vry few pple go thru post in topic

MTN is stable, when you switch on your laptop, just makesure sure your DNS is changed to 10.199.... or 212.... at network adapter settings, then connect using gprs use your laptop connections fierst. then go to your modem, change to 3g and connect it. set your Rport&LPport to 1110&80 respectively. infact read d above posts d solutions are there, wat I did to make mine stable is combining all methods.

CHRIS, You are the man. We love you!
Keep up the work!

@Chris nice job just trying to put myself in ur shoes and i don't thinks i'll be able to stomach all the request flowing in per/sec billing.Keep ur head up and keep doing what u do.
Thanks again for the job ur doing,people like me and many others are complaints from me today just commendation/encouragement.

Nkenna I really appreciate that, thnks

Kingsley that's also true, combining the above solutions also help.

@chris,kudos,we r waiting ooo...ehnnn...wat abt dat FB0 stuff,hw cn it b usd 4 pc

@chris,i jst saw dat TG 2.5 is available on their website,cld dat b of any help

Hheh..paulooo una no go kill me

Yes uploaded, its suppose to wrk with the new port I will roll out, still doing some experiments, when done I will let u all knw, weda I finish today or 2mwrw.

I will also let you all knw hw to keep ur connection alive without it disconnecting, with or without you downloading

@chris,sorry ooo...i jst gat to ask dis isp providers wen no 1 gv us cheap internet access,i knw its nt easy,u r indeed doing a great job,jst tk it 1 afta d oda

This is not fair guys ...some people are complaining of not getting connection AT ALL some are rejoicing and asking for faster more stable ports.

and the ones complaining of no connection at all are getting ignored ,so not fair.

the bottomline is if your DNS query doesnt change to ,you will not get a sucessful connection.
i have follwed all the explanations and tricks to get TG to output since the beginning of this post and i've only gotten sucessful connection ONCE. i change the DNS settings in the modem and even the in the system network properties. all to no avail , i have tried it on both my PCs one running windows 7 the other windows 8.

im tired ,dunno what to do again.
sometimes you will call the Admin and it will be as if you're disturbing him.

mehn!!!!!! im vexed ,so this months TG sub will just end like that. SMH

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